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Dallas Glass and Door Installations

A Family-owned company where we value honesty and are always improving by focusing on customer service, technology and doing the best job possible every single time!


Dallas Glass and Door Installations

The most important questions you should ask yourself when determining the best company to use for your glass and door project is… “Why should I do business with Dallas Glass versus all of the other glass companies in North Texas?” What distinguishes one glass and door company from all the others? What makes one company standout above the rest? Well the answer is quite simple… an ethical approach to doing business.

Our commitment to ethics is not achieved by simply placing some plaques on our walls or badges on our website. At Dallas Glass we are strongly committed to these core values. They are engrained in the fabric of our company and are consistently demonstrated by all of our team members.

Our team members realize that when dealing with your project, you as the client do not just see them as individuals, they are actually a reflection of Dallas Glass. That is what it all boils down to, all of our team members making ethical choices, making the best decisions and keeping you informed at all times to provide great service and quality installations. Do this for over 20 years and now the plaques on the walls and badges on our website really mean something.

Dallas Glass and Door Installations


We believe that leadership is about creating an environment that brings out the best in people. We define leadership as constantly growing and adapting to accommodate the needs of our team members and to provide them with every resource needed to effectively carry out our basic standards and core values.

Dallas Owens

For over two decades Dallas has been focused on providing absolutely the best glass and door installation services in North Texas. He is a visionary leader that is passionate about making his clients' projects come to fruition. He has imagined a world where quality installations can be achieved the first time, and is making that world come alive with top of the line custom products and excellent service.

His passion for quality installations stems from a lifetime of servicing the glass and door industry. “Our goal is to provide superior products and excellent service every time, explains Dallas. “We feel that if you simply to take the time and make the effort to get it done right the first time that you will save yourself a whole lot money, hassles and headaches down the road.”

Dallas Owens, Dallas Glass and Door Installations
Cheryl Owens, Dallas Glass and Door Installations

Cheryl Owens

Cheryl has been with Dallas Glass since the company’s inception and has been instrumental in developing the company’s basic standards and core values. “I believe in constant and genuine communication through being a good listener and honestly letting you know what I am thinking” comments Cheryl. “More communication is better than less, and sooner is better than later is the way I see it. I also believe you can learn the most and improve the most by engaging in candid, meaningful conversations with other people at every level.”

Charlcie Kirkland, Dallas Glass and Door Installations

Charlcie Kirkland

Charlcie has been in the glass and door industry her whole life and is fully dedicated to the company's Basic Standards and Core Values. "As the saying goes... one must lead by example," states Charlcie. "I live my life respecting others and placing great importance on honesty, integrity, dependability and excellence. This is a way of life and cannot be expected of our team members unless we live and abide by those principles on a daily basis as company leaders.”

Dallas Owens, Dallas Glass and Door Installations

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Thank you in advance for your interest in Dallas Glass and Door’s services. We look forward to serving all of your glass and door needs. Please feel free to call us at 972-772-4915 or fill out our brief form below and we will contact you promptly. Please do not attached photos or plans to the form… when we contact you, we will provide an email address for you to send your photos at that time. Thank you!

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