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Glass and the Faraday Cage

Published on: 3/26/2019

A Faraday Cage is created from a conducting material and protects the interior of the enclosed space from electrical fields. As an electrical charge comes in contact with the Faraday Cage, the charge is redistributed along the exterior structure rather than penetrating through the walls, thereby shielding and protecting the contents within the cage structure from an electrical field surge.Automobiles and airplanes are protected from lightning by this structure, and the microwaves are contained inside a microwave oven.Certain areas require the application of a Faraday Cage to protect from radio frequency electromagnetic radiation and similar electrical fields. These areas may require windows, so glass has been designed to act as a Radio Frequency shield or conductor, therefore maintaining the integrity of the Cage.A leader in glass innovation, Pilkington Glass has developed Datastop which has an added coating to create shielding.Source: http://www.breakglass.org/faraday-cage-principle-glass.html