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Partitions, Barriers, Walls

Published on: 3/11/2021

The year 2020 brought with it many changes to our way of life. But challenging times always produce new innovations and ideas that contribute to the greatest good.The glass industry is no exception, and the recent challenge encountered was how to utilize our products to maintain safety while allowing folks to participate in life and to keep production, business, and society moving forward.To that end, the glass industry has utilized its products and ingenuity to create partitions, barriers, and walls made from glass and high end plastics like Lexan.These infection barriers and screens have been put to use in many applications to prevent the spread of Covid-19 over the last months, and are likely to be used for the foreseeable future to protect customers, patients, shoppers, and diners from various infectious diseases.Doctor and dentist offices, along with hospitals, can use the barriers and screens for reception areas, and the glass walls for individual patient, exam, and waiting areas.Government offices may employ the screens for reception areas, interview and questioning areas, and in court rooms to protect the testifying witness, the jury, and the judge. Police stations again can utilize the benefits of glass partitions for reception areas and perhaps in specialized holding cells.Other businesses that can benefit from glass walls and barriers are:Grocery storesGas StationsDay CaresSpasGymsRestaurantsHotelsRetail StoresGymsGlass walls, barriers, and screens in businesses allow the general public to participate in social situations while lessening the threat of exposure to infection. They fulfill a need while innovating a new, safer approach to conducting business.