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The Evolution of Automatic Bottle Making from 1858 to 1925

Published on: 11/21/2023

In 1858, the molding of a screw thread on a bottle or jar was invented by John Mason. The technique, termed the “press-and-blow” process for making wide-mouth jars was demonstrated by Philip Arbogast in the United States in 1882, and the “blow-and-blow” process for making narrow-neck containers was demonstrated by Howard Ashley in England in 1885. These processes consisted of a fully automatic jar forming from a suction-and-blow process that was perfected by Michael Owens between 1895–1917 at the Toledo (Ohio) Glass Company, which later became the Owens Bottle Machine Company. The automatic single-gob feeder was developed in 1919–22 by Karl Peiler at the Hartford-Fairmont Company in Connecticut. Fully automatic machines followed, but the true rugged survivor, utilizing fully automatic gob delivery to the maximum versatility, was the Individual Section, or IS, machine invented by Henry Ingle at the Hartford Empire Company in 1925.